Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy centres around yoga — a long-established, holistic discipline that honours our multidimensional nature.

Through cultivating a therapeutic relationship with you and listening carefully to what is causing you unease, we’ll work together with body, breath and mind to help you discover equilibrium and integrate all aspects of self. You’ll find pain relief on a physical, emotional, energetic and psychological level, and will receive supportive tools and techniques that promise ongoing benefit

I’m currently half-way through my 2 years accredited yoga therapy diploma with Yoga Campus and open to taking on case studies at a reduced rate.

How it works:

Over a minimum of four sessions, we’ll address your reasons for seeking yoga therapy and develop a deeply personalised practice for your specific needs.

  • I’ll send you a health form to complete, so I understand how best to tailor your one-to-one sessions
  • The first session is 90 minutes. During this, we’ll discuss your health form and I’ll assess your posture, breath and movement. You’ll receive a bespoke written practice to take home with you.
  • The three follow-up sessions are 60 minutes of practical work. Here we’ll focus on your practice so you gain the maximum therapeutic benefit and feel empowered to continue your journey.

If you are interested in yoga therapy and would like further information, please get in touch.

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